Master Mechanic: 6 Driving Tips To Help Your Car Last Longer

At Master Mechanic, we see vehicles of all makes, models, and ages. Some older vehicles roll into our shop looking new, while others are…

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Ask A Master Mechanic: The Basics of Four-Wheel Drive

The Basics of Four-Wheel Drive Though available on many vehicles built for off-roading and driving in difficult conditions, the proper use of four-wheel-driving is…

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Master Mechanic: These Cities are Going Car-Free

At Master Mechanic, we’ve seen a growing interest around green transportation options from our customers. With climate change on the tip of everyone’s tongue,…

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Master Mechanic: Prolonging the Life of Your Cracked Windshield

It’s a scenario many of us know all too well. You’re driving down the highway and the vehicle in front of you kicks a…

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Ask A Master Mechanic: Premium Gas In Your Regular Vehicle

At Master Mechanic, we get a lot of questions around what fuel is best to use in cars. For those motorists with cars that…

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The Aston Martin Rapide E

Master Mechanic : Even James Bond Is Going Electric

In 1963, the public first fell in love with secret agent James Bond (Sean Connery) in the film Dr. No. Part of the public’s…

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Ontario’s Drive Clean Program

Master Mechanic: The End of Ontario’s Drive Clean Program

MASTER MECHANIC: THE END OF ONTARIO’S DRIVE CLEAN PROGRAM Since 1999, when it was first implemented by PC Premier Mike Harris, Master Mechanic has…

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Getting Rid of Salt Stains

Master Mechanic: Getting Rid of Salt Stains

MASTER MECHANIC: GETTING RID OF SALT STAINS At Master Mechanic, as proud Canadians, we love our winters. As car enthusiasts, though, there’s also a…

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Dealing with Potholes

Master Mechanic: Preparing Your Car for Spring

MASTER MECHANIC: DEALING WITH POTHOLES Move over Spring, it’s every driver’s favourite time of year: pothole season.   As we head into Spring, temperatures…

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Cold Weather and Electric Car Batteries

Master Mechanic: Electric Car Batteries in Cold Weather

At Master Mechanic, we’ve seen an influx in consumers with electric vehicles in the last couple of years. That’s because electric vehicle purchases are…

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