RE: COVID-19 (commonly referred to as coronavirus)

Dear Customer, At Master Mechanic, the safety and wellbeing of our customers and team members is our primary focus. We have been closely monitoring…

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We hope you and your loved ones have been keeping safe over the last few months. Like you, we’ve been watching 2020 go by while…

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Changing your tires for Spring

Master Mechanic: Changing Your Tires for Spring

At Master Mechanic, as Spring arrives, so does the “rush” to have car tires changed or swapped. While many drivers understand the importance of…

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Troubleshooting a damaged transmission

Master Mechanic: Transmission Troubleshooting

Any Master Mechanic will agree: your transmission is one of your vehicle’s most complex and essential systems. Beyond the choice between an automatic or…

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How to properly maintain your disc brakes

Master Mechanic: Maintaining Disc Brakes

At Master Mechanic, brake service is one of the most common repairs our Technicians perform daily. While brake service or replacement is inevitable, there…

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Vehicle Air Conditioning Issues and Repairs

Master Mechanic: Air Conditioning Maintenance

At Master Mechanic, we know how frustrating it can be when your car’s air conditioner isn’t working properly when it’s hot outside. Beyond uncomfortable,…

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Recognize when it’s time to replace or repair your alternator.

Master Mechanic: Repairing or Replacing Your Alternator

At Master Mechanic, we’ve repaired and replaced every part under the hood. You probably already know that a lot of equipment in modern vehicles…

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Charlie the dog in his pool at Master Mechanic High Park


MASTER MECHANIC HIGH PARK: LOOKING BACK AT 2019! At Master Mechanic High Park, we’ve made it our mission to connect with the community, do…

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Bosch and Daimler show off self-parking technology.

Master Mechanic: Self-Parking With Bosch And Mercedes

With so many vehicles coming in and out of Master Mechanic shops, we’re very familiar with the care it takes to park correctly. Beyond…

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How regular service can save you money on car insurance

Any vehicle is a significant purchase, but it doesn’t stop there. If you lease or finance a new car, there are regular payments you…

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