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Transmission Fluid Service

Scheduled Maintenance


The process of exchanging old transmission fluid within your automatic transmission with new fluid. There are 2 levels of service:

Fluid Drain — fluids are drained and replaced with new fluids. This process replaces only about 40% of your transmission fluid, effectively combining a mix of new and old fluid.

Fluid Flush — old fluids are "flushed" and exchanged with new fluids using specialized equipment. This process is superior to the Fluid Drain because the "flushing" process replaces 100% of your transmission’s fluid together with a higher degree of sludge and other contaminants. Both services include replacement of filter and pan gasket.


Regular fluid exchanges reduce the build up of contaminants resulting from fluid breakdown caused by heat and debris (such as metal fragments and worn clutch material) within your transmission, which in turn will eventually cause premature wear to moving parts...just like engine oil within your engine but not to the same extent and therefore transmission oil changes are not as frequently required as engine oil changes.


Every 40, 000 km.

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