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Fuel Injection System Service


The fuel injection system delivers the exact amount of fuel to the engine for all engine-operating conditions. It also controls fuel economy, performance, and emissions.


The fuel injectors in your vehicle can become clogged with dirt and rust, and the injector tips can become blocked by gasoline varnish. Intake valves, combustion chambers, and pistons often suffer from carbon deposits, and, if allowed to accumulate, this may lead to weakened performance, poor fuel economy, and an uneven idle. Your car’s fuel injection system should be serviced every 40,000 km.


During a fuel injection system service, your Master Mechanic technician will clean the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers using specialized equipment. Any debris found in your fuel injectors will be dissolved, restoring the proper flow of fuel to the combustion chamber. Fuel injection system service not only optimizes fuel economy, but also produces cleaner emission and better engine response.

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