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Stories From Celebrity Mechanics

At Master Mechanic, we are passionate about what we do, and we’re enthusiastic about cars! We love to follow celebrities who are (nearly) as enthusiastic about cars as we are. You may or may not be familiar with the celebrity mechanics on this list. They love cars (and bikes), and we thought you’d find their stories as interesting as we […]

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Concerns With Your Car? Why You Shouldn’t Put It Off

Auto repair isn’t something most car owners look forward to. Bringing your car into the shop can inconvenience you, and when you have a busy schedule it can be tempting to neglect smaller auto repair issues. Especially, when your car is still able to get you from point A to B. However, dealing with these small issues is more important […]

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Professional, Honest & Trustworthy Service

Taking Advantage of Vulnerable People Too often we hear stories of people — generally women or seniors — feel the need to bring someone with them before accepting a service from a mechanic shop. It’s possible they believe they’re at risk for being duped with exaggerated or unnecessary costs. They’re usually unaware or don’t know the which repairs are actually needed […]

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Auto Repair Shop: Where To Look

Finding an auto repair shop near your home is vital to any car owner. We depend on our vehicles for many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Being without your car can cause major disruptions to your routine and personal life. Considering the location of your mechanic can minimize these disruptions and help you to get back to your […]

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Keeping The Community Warm This Winter

On Friday of last week, Master Mechanic High Park’s Josie Candito taped scarves to her large parking lot sign with the sentence: “I’m Not Lost! Please Take Me With You If You Are Cold.” #communityhug

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10 Tips To Get Your Car Winter Ready

Surprises are for Christmas gifts – not for unexpected car failures this winter. Taking preventative measures to ensure winter road safety can save you the hassle of being stuck roadside in freezing temperatures.   Here are a few of our best tips to get your car winter-ready for this upcoming season: Safety Supplies for Your Car Keep these essentials packed in […]

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A Guide To Choosing The Right Winter Tires

So you’ve decided to buy winter tires. What prompted your decision? Did you have trouble gaining traction or maybe you slid into an intersection? Or maybe you decided that buying winter tires would be a good idea before you have a problem. No matter what started you on this journey you will not regret purchasing winter tires. Tire Types Most […]

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What Should I Do When I Visit A New Mechanic Shop?

Whether or not you’ve had experience with mechanic shops, there are ways you can help make your experience a smooth one. Knowing what to expect before taking your car to a new mechanic will help you to communicate your repair needs better and help you make more informed decisions about your vehicle. Call Your Mechanic Ahead of Time  Firstly, most […]

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6 Interesting Facts About Mechanic Garages

When you bring your vehicle to one of our Master Mechanic Garages for auto repairs or maintenance, there’s a lot that happens once your vehicle is in the shop! Before any repair work can be performed we must first properly diagnose the problem, and it’s not always as simple as reading the car’s computer. At Master Mechanic, your vehicle will […]

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