Is The Future of Cars Not Owning One?

While it may be hard to believe right now, many analysts predict that most North Americans will no longer own a car by 2030….

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Ontario’s Drive Clean Emissions Test: Why and When? *Cancelled April 1, 2019

Leading the initiative on climate change, Ontario is the only Province with mandatory emissions testing. The Drive Clean Program was first implemented in 1999…

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Ask A Master Mechanic: What Side Is My Gas Tank On?

From a dead battery to a flat tire, there are a few common annoyances that arise when driving a car. One of them is…

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road trip ready

Master Mechanic: Getting Your Car Road Trip Ready

Just like our ancient ancestors, when the weather begins to warm up, we get the undeniable urge to explore the land. Fortunately, today we…

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Master Mechanic Ajax Customer Service Platinum Award

Customer Service Is Our Number One Priority

Have you ever had your car serviced and felt as though you are just another number on their list of things to do? Have…

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Will Porsche Use Blockchain to Protect Customer Data?

According to a recent press release from Porsche, the automaker is looking to the future with plans to integrate blockchain technology into its cars….

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Mechanics Then vs. Now

Master Mechanics: Then vs. Now

We don’t think anyone would disagree when we say cars are more advanced than ever. In fact, many of the functions we perform ourselves…

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Does Rotating Your Tires Save You Money?

Long before you own a car, you likely heard about the need to rotate your tires. It’s one of those things, like changing the…

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How to Clean Car Battery

Ask A Master Mechanic: How To Clean Your Car Battery

A car battery is an integral part of almost any automotive vehicle. Not only do they help start your car, but they also power…

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The Toronto Star Talks to Josie Candito About Online Sabotage

Without a doubt, the Internet is quite possibly the most incredible technological advancement to date. It instantly connects us with people, places, and information…

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