Winter Tires Toronto Dupont

winter tires Toronto Dupont

What Makes Winter Tires Different From Regular Tires?

If your winter tires aren’t on your car already, make sure you book your switch over service in Toronto Dupont before the snow piles up! There are some distinct features that winter tires have that regular tires just don’t. These features are critical to the safety of yourself and your passengers during the cold, snowy weather.

Tread Rubber

The rubber in an all-season or summer tire will stiffen in cold weather. This, in turn, will make the treads unable to provide sufficient traction. Winter tires, on the other hand, have tread rubber compounds that remain flexible in extremely cold temperatures, allowing them to grip the road a lot better.

Tread Depth and Pattern

Winter tires feature much deeper tread depths and vastly different tread patterns. These deeper tread depths help to eliminate the amount of snow and ice that builds up between them to give better traction. The unique tread patterns enable the tires to better repel the snow, slush and water that they travel through.

Tire Biting Edges

Winter tires have what are known as biting edges, as well as high sipe densities. This is really just a technical way of saying that they have thousands of very tiny slits in the tread that provide extended traction on ice.

Winter Tires Perform Better in Winter

Having winter tires on your car is the best safety measure you can take this winter. They allow you to not only stick to the road better, but they also allow you to have better control when braking and turning.

When temperatures are around freezing, the stopping distance for a vehicle with winter tires can be as much as 30% shorter than a car with only all-seasons. This means that with winter tires you’ll be able to stop quickly if needed.

Not convinced? Winter tires offer better traction on ice or snow-covered road surfaces at -30°C than all-seasons tires do at 4°C.

Inspect Your Tires

If you already have winter tires, look for any of these signs before having them put on your vehicle. If they have any of these issues, get new winter tires in Toronto Dupont right away:

  • Cracks or cuts in the sidewall
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Treads that are excessively worn
  • Bulges or blisters

Tire Rotation is Key

When you go to have your winter tires put on, make sure to have a tire rotation service as well. This is essential to making sure that all your tires wear down evenly, while also lasting longer. Experts recommend having your tires rotated every 9,000 to 12,000kms.

Winter Tires in Toronto Dupont

Make sure you contact the tire experts at Master Mechanic for winter tires in Toronto Dupont and tire rotation services today. Stay safe on the roads!