Spark Plug Replacement Toronto East York

spark plug being replaced

Having spark plug replacement in Toronto East York is sometimes needed due to wear over time. As the spark converts from one electrode to another it eventually erodes the metal surround on the spark plug. The spark can no longer travel from one electrode to another, which means no connection for your ignition.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

There are few tell tale signs that your spark plugs need to be replaced:

  • Check engine light
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Problems starting the car
  • Poor acceleration when driving

How Long Do Spark Plugs Last?

Every vehicle is manufactured differently, and the type of spark plug your vehicle uses determines how many kilometres you can expect your spark plug to last.

Today, many vehicle manufacturers use "extended-life spark plugs". These spark plugs last longer because they are coated in metal with a high melting point. If your vehicle has extended-life spark plugs then you can expect to get at least 16,000 kilometers out of them. If your vehicle doesn't have extended-life spark plugs then you can expect to have to change your spark plugs sooner.

Check your vehicle's manual for guidance – many will give you a kilometres recommendation. However, it's wise not to drive to test that expectation – you may want to replace them before the recommended distance so your car will run more efficiently and your spark plugs are always kept in excellent condition.

Can You Change a Spark Plug Yourself?

Should you look for a mechanic who does spark plug replacement in Toronto East York or is this a job you can do yourself? Growing up you may remember a parent or grandparent replacing spark plugs themselves.

However, today's spark plugs aren't so simple to replace. Not because removing a spark plug is challenging, but because it can sometimes be difficult to reach them around the engine. For example, some V6 engines require the intake manifold to be removed to reach the spark plugs, which makes a simple job quite difficult and time consuming.

Spark Plug Replacement in Toronto East York

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