Professional Auto Repair in Toronto Dupont

Professional Auto Repair in Toronto Dupont

When searching for professional auto repair in Toronto Dupont, every car owner wants to find a mechanic that will be their new best friend. When car problems arise, people depend heavily on their mechanic to diagnose and repair issues accurately and honestly. Ensure you receive professional auto repair in Toronto Dupont by looking for these top mechanic qualities:

Good Diagnostic Skills

Taking advantage of diagnostic resources and recognizing system breakdowns are fundamental to auto repair. Being able to quickly identify the cause of a problem and other related concerns are qualities of a professional mechanic.

Problem-Solving & Commitment

Experienced mechanics are able to suggest solutions or potential alternatives when addressing problems. They’re able to find the best solution for the customer in a limited amount of time. A great mechanic has a strong commitment to solving and repairing issues consistently.

Technical Aptitude & Latest Technology

Professional mechanics should be committed to on-going technical training , in order to be up-to-date on the latest technology . This ensures they are continually evolving and understanding current changes, so they can better serve their customers. Being familiar with new technologies and technical tools will ensure that the technician can diagnose and repair a wide variety of modern vehicle issues. For example, as hybrids or electric cars become more popular mechanics will have to become familiar with their different operational strategies and method of diagnosis and repair.


Automotive Service Technicians in Canada are required to have served an apprenticeship which usually takes between 4 and 5 years to complete. They also attend 3 separate in-school sessions at a technical college and maintain a passing grade of 75%. Once they have fulfilled the time requirement and had their skills book signed off by their supervisor, they may challenge the exam to obtain their Certificate of Qualification. The certificate of qualification exam also requires a mark of 75% or greater to pass. Automotive Service Technicians are one of 28 compulsory trades in Ontario, meaning that you must either be a certified Technician or a Registered apprentice in order to work on vehicles. Automotive Service Technicians are regulated by the Ontario College of Trades and as such are required to be members in good standing.

Communication & Customer Service

Great mechanics connect and relate well to customers. They’re able to put customers at ease about their car repairs. They can communicate effectively to translate complex technical jargon into plain English for average customers. Furthermore, a professional auto repair shop that makes customer service a priority creates a lasting impression on customers. Don’t underestimate the importance of friendly staff, scheduled appointments, and a comfortable atmosphere.

Professional Auto Repair in Toronto Dupont

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