Oil Change in Toronto East York

oil change being performed on vehicle

When searching for a professional oil change in Toronto East York, you want to make sure you find a mechanic that can do it right. At Master Mechanic, we understand the importance of caring for your vehicle by performing scheduled preventative maintenance. One of the most important functions you can complete is keeping up with regular oil changes. Here’s everything you need to know about a Master Mechanic oil change in Toronto East York:

What is an Oil Change?

The process includes draining old engine oil, removing the old oil filter, adding new engine oil and installing a new filter element.

Why Perform an Oil Change?

Oil change is a preventative maintenance procedure that enhances the reliability and longevity of your vehicle. This will keep your engine running more smoothly to prevent your engine from rubbing against each other that can cause friction and heat. An oil change will lubricate the engine and absorb heat, allowing internal parts to work together effectively without overheating.

When Do You Need an Oil Change?

Approximately every 5,000 km. Depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer requirements, oil change intervals can range anywhere from 7,500 km to 25,000 km. Some modern vehicles include an oil life monitoring system that takes into account engine running time, ambient temperature and vehicle speed to calculate your next oil change.

At Master Mechanic, our certified technicians will determine the viscosity and type of product to use. We’ll know the right type of lubricant for your engine and recommend a follow-up oil change schedule.

Included in Your Oil Change:

When you choose Master Mechanic, you receive professional and expert service that includes:

  • Drain contaminated oil and inspect the condition of the fluid.
  • Replace old oil with new oil specific to your vehicle.
  • Remove and replace dirty oil filters with a new filter.
  • Perform an 11-point visual inspection.
  • Replace the drain plug gasket.
  • We’ll also check your tire inflation to correct PSI.
  • Perform a vehicle check including inspection of fluids, wiper blades, filters and tires.
  • Complimentary guest lounge with coffee, tea and WiFi.

Oil Change Service in Toronto East York

If you’re looking an oil change in Toronto East York look no further than Master Mechanic. Our professional services are built on personal relationships. We’re dedicated to providing you with expert knowledge and committed care for your vehicle. Contact us or find a local mechanic auto shop near you to book an appointment.

Start receiving reliable auto service with integrity because, at Master Mechanic, you talk to the mechanic!