Muffler Repair Cambridge

muffler repair on red sports vehicle

What is an Exhaust System Service?

An exhaust system service in Cambridge is important to ensure connecting pipes keep toxins and gas emissions away from passengers, while also reducing the level of exhaust noise from the engine. A full inspection includes checking all moving parts, such as the pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust gaskets, manifold, oxygen sensors, hangers, clamps, muffler and resonator.

When Should You Do It?

Your exhaust system should be checked regularly and, if you suspect any problems, must be inspected immediately to prevent any leaks or large repairs. Several factors can potentially affect exhaust and muffler wear, which include the following:

  • Driving Habits: short trips take a larger toll on exhaust system life.
  • Road Conditions: salt and deicing spray can lead to corrosion; bumpy roads can damage the muffler or moving parts.
  • Vehicle Type: certain car makes or models are more prone to exhaust and muffler maintenance.
  • Age: general wear and tear as the muffler increases in age can lead to repairs.

Signs Your Car Needs Muffler Repair

Motorists can avoid future muffler problems by recognizing these signs and symptoms that their exhaust system needs maintenance or repair. Here are the warning signs that mean your car needs muffler repair in Cambridge:

  • Loud Noise: a louder than normal exhaust sound.
  • Rattling Noises: the sound of exhaust coming from unusual places in your car, a “ticking” noise when accelerating or braking.
  • Drowsiness: you feel a sense of sleepiness or lethargy while driving.
  • Smell and Odour: the smell of exhaust or rotten eggs when the car is running.

Keep in mind that exhaust gas, especially carbon monoxide can be deadly if it enters the interior of the car. Don't rely on your sense of smell alone to determine if there is an exhaust leak. Carbon monoxide has no odour. If you suspect any problems have your vehicle inspected immediately by a professional technician. Understanding these key warning signs will go a long way toward keeping you and other motorists safe on the road.

Muffler Repair in Cambridge

Have your vehicle’s exhaust system inspected periodically to keep your car safe. If your vehicle is experiencing any signs of potential problems, bring your vehicle in for maintenance and repair. At Master Mechanic, we perform muffler repair in Cambridge which includes a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust gaskets, oxygen sensors, muffler and resonator. Contact us or find a local mechanic auto shop near you to book an appointment today!