Headlight Aim

Scheduled Maintenance

Headlight aim is an important but sometimes forgotten service item. Have you ever been approached by a vehicle that has one of its headlights glaring at you through your windshield? This is most likeley caused by improper headlight aim. The headlights on your vehicle have adjustments both up and down as well as side to side. Headlights are adjusted by either the use of an aiming target or a piece of equipment that is attached to the headlight assembly. In either case floor level, vehicle ride height and vehicle suspension load must be taken into account. Headlight aim should be performed after any suspension repairs that may restore vehicle ride height and certainly after any collision repair to the front of the vehicle no matter how minor.

The benefit to proper headlight aim is making maximum use of the vehicles headlights in properly illuminating the road ahead without unintentionaly blinding on coming traffic.

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