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It is our pleasure to introduce you to Master Mechanic Peterborough. We hope that you can find all the information you need to familiarize yourself with who we are, what we do and how you can find us. We promise to do our utmost to deliver our professional service in a very personalized manner and we thank you for wanting to learn more about us. Our Master Mechanic Peterborough store is located on Lansdowne Street between Park Street and Monaghan Road. There are many stores and restaurants around that you can visit while you are waiting for your car.

At Master Mechanic Peterborough we will treat you like family. We will always be honest with you and provide reliable service no matter what services your car needs.

Our Master Mechanic Peterborough store is independently owned and operated which means that we are providing a personalized service to our customers. We strive to be the only auto repair and maintenance choice for each of our clients by creating long term relationships which have been earned through consistent delivery of outstanding service quality in an environment which promotes trust, fairness and respect. It is this dedication that differentiates us from our competitors as we continually strive to deliver an outstanding customer experience to each one of our satisfied customers.

We look forward to your visit.
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"Hi my names Brian. I have dealt with this location in the past and was quite pleased with the service provided. Since then i have recently had a child and a new business venture leaving me quite strapped on cash. Chris, the owner was very willing to work ..."
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We are proud of the work we do and the great feedback that we get from our customers. Read below to see what customers are saying about their Master Mechanic!
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Willing to help me find the best price and safest solution. Can't replace service like that

"Hi my names Brian. I have dealt with this location in the past and was quite pleased with the service provided. Since then i have recently had a child and a new business venture leaving me quite strapped on cash. Chris, the owner was very willing to work with me and help me find my best price and the safest solution for myself and newborn. I would and will recommend his services to anyone now, and continue to do so in the future. Thanks Chris Heating guy Brian"
Brian L

Best mechanic, best prices!

"BEST MECHANICS, BEST PRICES. I have been dealing with Master Mechanic for the last year and a bit after having some rough experiences around Peterborough with expensive quotes, unrealistic labour times and over-all rude service. Just as the other review says; "Honest dudes" - this is exactly what they are. It may because it is family owned they take care of me so well, or the fact they just honestly care about making their customers happy. I recently had my 2006 Dodge Charger needing 4 brake pads, and front/back rotors, which can be quite pricey; after phoning around to all the reliable shops, Master Mechanic was by far the cheapest route, and guess what? When I brought my own parts (after informing them ahead of time as they need time to get them in), they had absolutely no problem helping me save money by just doing the labour and installing them for me. The labour costs I paid were exactly the same as the quote they gave me with the estimates on their own parts, where I have had trouble with other shops charging me excessive rates when I bring my parts, in which they some how inflate the end value, or find a way into your pocket when "problems arise with the parts that were not acquired through the shop". It is also always nice to see the broken/worn down parts; which the mechanics at Master Mechanic have invited me back to personally view, as many of us who need repairs are not mechanically inclined and can simply be told anything is wrong, which we are many times willing to pay as getting from Point A to Point B is essential. They did not try to hassle me, nor try to change my mind and persuade me towards their parts, but simply fix my car for a great price. Being a student, saving money is everything to me; something Master Mechanic will truly help you do."
Brandon D

Very Reassuring

"The folks at Master Mechanic in Peterborough did an awesome job repairing my Santa-Fe. It is reassuring to know they are there when I have a problem."
Diane S

Thank You

"Honest dude. Good Work"
Jake J

Problem Solved

"Friday morning, I was heading to work and the engine light came on. I called Master Mechanic in Peterborough (first time) and they got me in right away. They offered me coffee while I waited for the verdict... After 10 minutes, the technician came out and explained that the oxygen sensor had come unplugged. He plugged it back in, secured it to stay that way, then reset the codes. Problem solved and I was on my way. The cost? A handshake. So, if you're in Peterborough and your car needs service or repair, take it to Master Mechanic."
Wray E

Friendly And Professional

"I have just completed your survey online but felt it was impersonal so I would like to make further comments. I have been taking my cars to the Peterborough shop for about seven years after a referral from a friend. The manager, Randy, has always been very professional and friendly. He has always done the work that is required and has never attempted to talk me into getting unnecessary work done. I have the utmost confidence in him and great respect for his work ethics. Very rare attributes in this day. He and his staff are a credit to Master Mechanic. I will continue to be a client and refer people to your shops. Well done! "
Bill F

Thank You

"I would like to acknowledge the good work of Bob at MM. He is very good at what he does and I really appreciate his help and courtesy. He is honest and trustworthy."
Nancy M