Seat Belts



High-tensile strength belts and harnesses, connected to high-strength buckles, make up today's seat belts. Once an option in the 1950s, seat belts are one of the most important standard safety features of your car.


Seat belts have been statistically proven at preventing injuries and saving lives. Seat belts save over hundreds of lives each year. Safety belts and harnesses play the primary role in passenger protection. They provide protection during accidents from all directions, security during a rollover and proper passenger positioning when an air bag deploys. They can also prevent the passenger from being hurled forward during mild front collisions.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

Keep your car's seat belts in good operating condition. Replace any belt that is cut, frayed or shows signs of weakness. Make sure that the buckles engage completely and don't separate when pulled. Seat belts sometimes have defects that are covered under a recall from the manufacturer. To see if your vehicle is covered, visit the Transport Canada website

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