Pilot Bearing

Manual Transmission


The pilot bearing sits in a hole at the end of the engine’s crankshaft. Pilot bearings have three different designs:

  • roller bearing,
  • needle bearing, and
  • bronze bushing, which is actually more of bronze sleeve than a bearing.
The bronze bushing and needle bearing are most common.


The main purpose of the pilot bearing is to provide a low-friction support for the end of the transmission’s input shaft.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

The pilot bearing does not require routine maintenance, but should be replaced when clutch replacement becomes necessary. In some cases, pilot bearings can wear excessively when transmission-mounting bolts loosen. When this happens, the transmission’s input shaft moves around excessively and puts abnormal strain on the pilot bearing. If you suspect a problem with the pilot bearing or clutch, have it looked at immediately by a qualified technician. Putting it off will only make the problem worse.

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