Idler Arm

Steering & Suspension


The idler arm is used on vehicles with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering. This type of suspension and steering arrangement is used on virtually all rear-wheel-drive vehicles and many light trucks. Essentially, the idler arm is a pivoting support for the steering linkage. The idler arm consists of a bracket, an arm that connects the bracket to the centre link of the steering linkage, and an internal pivot bearing. A few vehicles use two idler arms.


The idler arm assists the pitman arm by supporting the steering linkage as it moves in the direction controlled by the steering gear.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

The idler arm should be lubricated at every oil change. The idler arm, along with other suspension components, should be inspected annually along with a complete wheel alignment. The most common vehicle symptoms associated with a worn idler arm include wandering, tire edge wear, and loose or erratic steering. Idler arm inspection techniques and specifications vary; have your vehicle inspected by a qualified service professional.

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