Fuel Storage

Fuel and Air Intake


The fuel tank is usually made of stamped steel or plastic. The tank is held in place with steel straps. In some cases, a bracket-and-strap arrangement is used.


The fuel tank stores gasoline for the engine, holds the electric fuel pump and sending unit, and provides a connection to the vapour collection/recovery components of the emissions system. The tank also has a filler neck, which restricts fuelling to unleaded fuel nozzles. On 1996 and newer cars, the mouth of the filler neck is designed specially for OBDII-compatible gas caps.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

Unless damaged, fuel tanks last for the life of the vehicle. On many cars, the fuel tank needs to be removed in order to replace the fuel pump. On 1996 and newer cars, a light on the dash, labelled SERVICE ENGINE SOON or CHECK ENGINE may turn on if the gas cap is left loose after refuelling. Make sure the gas cap is always installed properly after you refuel. Turn the cap to the right until it clicks in place.

vehicle diagram