Airbag Switch



An airbag on-off switch overrides the automatic deployment function of vehicle airbags and can be installed for the driver, passenger, or both. To operate the switch, a special key is required to reduce the chances of misuse. When the airbag is turned off, a light appears stating DRIVER airbag OFF or PASSENGER airbag OFF. The airbag remains deactivated until the key is used to turn the system back on.


An airbag on-off switch allows an airbag to be turned off for special circumstances. Some scenarios where airbag deployments may be risky include: When absolutely essential to transport infants riding in rear-facing infant seats in the front passenger seat. When absolutely essential to transport children ages 1 to 12 in the front passenger seat. When drivers cannot change their customary driving position and keep 25 centimetres between the centre of the steering wheel and the centre of their breastbone.

For people whose doctors claim that because of a medical condition, an airbag poses a special risk that exceeds the risk of hitting their head, neck or chest in a crash when the airbag is turned off.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

Deactivating your airbag will not benefit you or other users of your vehicle. Instead, it will increase the risk that you and the other users will suffer a head, neck or chest injury by violently striking the steering wheel or dashboard in a moderate to severe crash. The installation and use of an airbag switch is only allowed under the above conditions and should be performed by a trained service professional. Not all repair facilities install airbag switches.

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