Shop Conversions

Whether you own and operate a successful automotive repair business, or are just getting started in the industry, we would love to talk with you!

Our goal is to work with existing automotive businesses just like yours and convert them into a Master Mechanic franchise.

Becoming part of the Master Mechanic team is more than just becoming part of a franchise system, it’s about joining like-minded, passionate, and driven individuals, while leveraging a brand name with a strong presence in the industry.

As a member of the Canadian Franchise Association for over 20 years and in the automotive care business since 1982, Master Mechanic offers you a reputable and established brand that prides itself on delivering dependable, trusted, professional, and consistent automotive services to communities across Ontario. The phrase “At Master Mechanic, you talk to the mechanic” is well known and represents our strong ties to our communities and our customers. In addition to our robust brand reputation, a Master Mechanic franchise offers:

Marketing and Brand Awareness

  • Proven marketing and promotional programs for customer acquisition and retention
  • Branded apparel and marketing materials
  • Assistance with local store-level marketing initiatives

Preferred Supplier Accounts and Benefits

  • Nationwide warranty on all parts
  • Preferred pricing and discounts due to strong purchasing power


  • Ongoing technical support and training
  • Integrated operating and quoting software

Staff and Teams

  • Ongoing training to ensure you and your team are up to date on current technologies, policies, and procedures
  • Corporate insurance/employee benefits program
  • An effective team recruitment program

Qualified Support Team

  • Ongoing support in all areas of your business
  • Networking opportunities with neighbouring franchisees
  • Annual meetings with the team, to share ideas and discuss best practices

Shop Conversion and Growth

  • Full review of your facility layout and design to help improve day-to-day operations
  • Potential for multi-location ownership

If converting your current facility to a Master Mechanic location sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, please reach out to Roger Aubé at 905-441-2055 or [email protected].

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