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There's nothing worse than driving around a hot, muggy car in the summer. When searching for professional auto air conditioning repair in Toronto Yorkdale, you want to find a mechanic who can do it right. At Master Mechanic, we understand the importance of keeping your car cool and ensuring your vehicle is well taken care of. Not sure what to expect during a Master Mechanic service? Here's everything you need to know about car A/C repair in Toronto Yorkdale:

How Does Your Car's A/C Work?

The purpose of car air conditioning or “AC” is to remove heat from the interior of your vehicle and cool it down. This ensures you and your passengers remain comfortable. The AC system is divided into two sides: high pressure and low pressure. Within these parts there is the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. The low pressure side connects to the inlet of the compressor and the high pressure side connects to the outlet of the compressor. The compressor's main job is to pump refrigerant, which removes heat from the interior of your vehicle. When circulating in the system, refrigerant also helps move refrigerant oil to key air conditioning system parts.

Why Perform AC Repair?

Simply because climate control keeps you cool, comfortable and air conditioned! To ensure you remain comfortable in your vehicle during the warmer season, always schedule a regular maintenance check to keep your car AC working in great condition. If your vehicle does require AC repair it generally encompases adding refrigerant to increase the pressure and fluorescent dye to make future system leaks apparent.

Signs You Need Your Air Conditioning Fixed

It's always best to get your vehicle's AC system inspected by a professional technician. Not only is your car's air conditioning important for the summer, but it also serves a crucial purpose during the winter. The AC system also operates when in defrost mode, removing moisture from the interior. When your vehicle is operating on low refrigerant, you're not only receiving poor cooling, but the poor lubrication flow can also cause damage to your system. Not sure if your air conditioning needs to be fixed? Here are the top signs your car needs AC repairs:

  • Fan speed not working properly
  • Not cool air blowing
  • Interior temperature won't adjust
  • Defroster not working
  • Limited airflow
  • Coolant light is on
  • Noisy or strange sounds while air conditioning is on

When Should You Get Your AC Repaired?

It is important to get your vehicle regularly inspected to ensure it is cooling efficiently and to identify possible refrigerant leaks. If it begins to leak –it's time for an AC repair. What causes a system leak? Age and moisture. Over time, rubber seals can lose their elasticity and moisture can enter your vehicle. Once moisture enters and mixes with refrigerant, you will find yourself a leak and eventually, your AC system will stop working.

AC Repair Service in Toronto Yorkdale

Don't delay getting your car's air conditioning fixed this summer. If you're looking for car AC repair in Toronto Yorkdale look no further than Master Mechanic. Our professional services are built on technical ability and personal relationships. We're dedicated to providing you with expert knowledge and committed care for your vehicle. Contact us or find a local mechanic auto shop near you to book an appointment.

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