spring car maintenance safe driving

Vehicle Maintenance Guest Blog 1: Spring Maintenance Tips Everyone Can Do

We recently made a new friend at Master Mechanic, Auto Editor for She Buys Cars, Jennifer Greene. Jennifer is a mom, wife, writer and…

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female car enthusiast

Vehicle Maintenance From a Female Car Enthusiast, Jennifer Greene!

We recently made a new friend at Master Mechanic, Auto Editor for She Buys Cars, Jennifer Greene. She is a mom, wife, writer and…

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driving tips for rainy weather

Driving Tips For Spring & Wet Weather

Rain and wet roads can be dangerous. As temperatures increase and rainy season arrives, the importance of spring vehicle maintenance becomes more and more…

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best cars for graduates or students

10 Best Cars For Recent College Graduates

As a new graduate, you’re getting ready to tackle the challenges of starting a new job, maybe a new place, and many other changing…

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car cleaning tips for the spring

Car Cleaning Tips: Spring Cleaning Is Not Just For Your Home!

For most of us, it can seem like we actually spend more time in our cars than at home. Whether we’re commuting in traffic…

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maintenance comparison top car brands

Maintenance & Repair Costs: Which Automotive Brand is The Least Expensive?

The cost of owning a car is more than the l lease or loan payments, fuel and insurance fees. One major consideration is the…

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celebrity mechanics jay leno in his garage posing with a yellow Lamborghini from his auto mechanic show

Stories From Celebrity Mechanics

At Master Mechanic, we are passionate about what we do, and we’re enthusiastic about cars! We love to follow celebrities who are (nearly) as…

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a young man sitting the pavement frustrated in front of his broken down car concerns with your car

Concerns With Your Car? Why You Shouldn’t Put It Off

Auto repair isn’t something most car owners look forward to. Bringing your car into the shop can inconvenience you, and when you have a…

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trustworthy service by mechanic

Professional, Honest & Trustworthy Service

Taking Advantage of Vulnerable People Too often we hear stories of people — generally women or seniors — feel the need to bring someone with…

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auto repair shop mechanic

Auto Repair Shop: Where To Look

Finding an auto repair shop near your home is vital to any car owner. We depend on our vehicles for many aspects of our…

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