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3d printing car

Ask a Master Mechanic: Is 3D Printing The Future of Cheaper, Better Cars?

At Master Mechanic, we’ve seen some incredible advancements in car technology over the years. Is 3D printing the next big thing? It sure looks…

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Will Porsche Use Blockchain to Protect Customer Data?

According to a recent press release from Porsche, the automaker is looking to the future with plans to integrate blockchain technology into its cars….

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Mechanics Then vs. Now

Master Mechanics: Then vs. Now

We don’t think anyone would disagree when we say cars are more advanced than ever. In fact, many of the functions we perform ourselves…

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ontario drive clean test program car exhaust

Ontario Drive Clean Emission Testing: The New Program *Cancelled April 1, 2019

History of The Drive Clean Program In April 1999, the Government of Ontario introduced the automobile emissions control program. The program was created in…

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celebrity mechanics jay leno in his garage posing with a yellow Lamborghini from his auto mechanic show

Stories From Celebrity Mechanics

At Master Mechanic, we are passionate about what we do, and we’re enthusiastic about cars! We love to follow celebrities who are (nearly) as…

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drive clean Ontario

Customers No Longer Pay For Drive Clean Tests *Cancelled April 1, 2019

Yes, it’s true! In 2017, Ontario drivers of older vehicles will no longer have to pay $30 for “Drive Clean” emission tests at their local mechanic shop.

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brake service

How To Extend The Life of Brakes

How can I extend the life of my brakes? The brakes in your car are integral to the safety of your vehicle, which is…

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trusted mechanic car repair

How To Find A Trusted Mechanic

How Do I Find a Trusted Mechanic? Your car is an investment. Keeping your car well maintained and running safely is crucial to your…

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