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auto repair in markville

More Than Just Auto Repair in Markville

Markham is a beautiful city, and Unionville is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in that city. Master Mechanic Markville is proud to be…

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trustworthy service by mechanic

Professional, Honest & Trustworthy Service

Taking Advantage of Vulnerable People Too often we hear stories of people — generally women or seniors — feel the need to bring someone with…

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mechanic shop

What Should I Do When I Visit A New Mechanic Shop?

Whether or not you’ve had experience with mechanic shops, there are ways you can help make your experience a smooth one. Knowing what to…

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mechanic garages auto repair

6 Interesting Facts About Mechanic Garages

When you bring your vehicle to one of our Master Mechanic Garages for auto repairs or maintenance, there’s a lot that happens once your…

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tools and equipment

Keeping Up With Automotive Tools & Equipment

For the modern auto mechanic, keeping up with the latest information technology, tools, and equipment is hard. It is like living in a world…

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customer satisfaction

A Big Thank You To Our Wonderful Customers!

We are proud to maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rate! What is more rewarding than getting a broken down car back on the road…

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master mechanic car care business

Master Mechanic in Car Care Business Magazine

Master Mechanic’s Hugh Welsford and Jamie Homes grace the cover of Car Care Business Magazine and dive into the “mechanics” behind the Master Mechanic business and its personalized approach to service.

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riders against hunger

Master Mechanic Helps ‘Eden Food for Change’ with Riders Against Hunger

We’re proud to announce that for the second year in a row Master Mechanic, along with our Meadowvale location, will be a Gold Sponsor…

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trusted mechanic car repair

How To Find A Trusted Mechanic

How Do I Find a Trusted Mechanic? Your car is an investment. Keeping your car well maintained and running safely is crucial to your…

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