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High Park Advocates for Breast Cancer Awareness

During October at Master Mechanic High Park, our team advocated for Breast Cancer Awareness in many ways. Breast Cancer Awareness month is about so…

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car safety features

Master Mechanic: The Hidden Cost of Safety Features

At Master Mechanic, we’ve completed every repair imaginable and worked on everything from classic cars to brand-new vehicles. It may not be too long…

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highway driving

Ask A Master Mechanic: Is Highway Driving Necessary?

At Master Mechanic, we commonly get asked a certain question about highway driving. It goes something like this: “Living downtown, I pretty much only…

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As Canadians, we have a reputation for being polite, helpful, and giving. Toronto is no exception. Across the city, there are countless individuals donating…

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sealed transmission

Ask A Master Mechanic: What is a Sealed Transmission?

Over the last few decades, the automotive industry has seen some massive advancements, and at Master Mechanic, we’ve witnessed and worked on them all!…

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car exhaust smoke

Master Mechanic: Checking Your Exhaust Smoke

When you’re sick, you have symptoms. Your car is no different. While most ailments require the attention of a trained professional to diagnose, like…

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Master Mechanic: Meet the First Pedal-Powered Car

Cars with pedals exist—but have you seen a car that’s powered by pedalling? At Master Mechanic, we get excited about car customization and innovation….

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Ask A Master Mechanic: Steering System Maintenance

You don’t need to be a Master Mechanic to understand that steering is a pretty integral part of driving. By definition, power steering is…

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Ask A Master Mechanic: What To Do When Your Vehicle Won’t Start

At Master Mechanic, we’re all too familiar with this terrible scenario: you’re in a rush or late for a meeting, and you turn the…

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Master Mechanic: Oil Filters and Engine Health

Any Master Mechanic will tell you that your oil filter is one of the most essential components of your vehicle. Most drivers understand it’s…

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