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The Tillie Golf Tourney To Support Cystic Fibrosis

At Master Mechanic High Park, we love connecting with the community in various ways. Through neighbourhood events, our messaging board, sponsorship, and charity outreach,…

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Master Mechanic Sends out Good Vibes

Another Happy Sign from Master Mechanic High Park

Master Mechanic High Park loves to spread good vibes throughout the neighborhood by using their shop sign to share positive messages. For the past…

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Master Mechanic: Volkswagen Brings Electric Car Sharing to Canada

At a recent Berlin press conference, Volkswagen announced that they would be making a significant shift in the services they offer to consumers. “We…

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Master Mechanic: Get Your Vehicle Back-to-School Ready

We may be Master Mechanics, but many of us are also mothers and fathers. With that said, we’re well-aware that back-to-school season is here….

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Ask A Master Mechanic: Your First Luxury Car

At Master Mechanic, we often see new owners come in that are unaware of the specialty maintenance and care their new luxury car requires….

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Master Mechanic: 4 Engine Noises That Require Attention

At Master Mechanic, we’re no strangers to the many different sounds that an engine can make. Some are harmless, but it’s important to know…

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