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Master Mechanic Meadowvale – Nava Cup

Sponsors Mark & the Master Mechanic Meadowvale Team are proud to be a sponsor of the 2018 Nava Cup Golf Tournament, supporting the efforts…

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As Canadians, we like to believe we’re forward-thinking, peaceful, and world-leaders in rights issues. For the most part, we are–at least for human beings….

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Master Mechanic: Lease vs. Finance vs. Subscription?

At Master Mechanic, we get a lot of questions about upgrading to new cars. Traditionally speaking, those looking to buy a new car had…

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Make Your Car Eco-Friendlier with These Tips

Newer car models that tout impressive claims about high mileage and low emissions might have you considering an upgrade. While the possibilities of saving…

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Summer Road Trip? Save Gas with These Tips!

We love sunny weather here at Master Mechanic! After a slow start, Spring is finally upon us, and Summer is right around the corner….

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routine maintenance car

Older Car? Save Money with Routine Maintenance

At Master Mechanic, we’ve seen repairs of all scale. Sometimes, people hold off on getting necessary repairs done because of the associated cost. Sure,…

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African American mother and her two daughters serve meals to the homeless with their diverse family.

Master Mechanic Meadowvale – Riders Against Hunger

Gold Sponsors Mark & the Master Mechanic Meadowvale Team are proud to be a Gold Sponsor for the 8th Annual Ride Against Hunger supporting…

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What is The Master Mechanic Promise?

Every year, Master Mechanic Head Office showcases the unique strengths and key focuses that each franchise offers their communities. For the past 14 years,…

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Master Mechanic Matheson – The Hofmann Geoliner 770

How Do I Know My Wheels Aren’t in Alignment? Whether you drive in the best circumstances or not, your car’s wheel alignment is constantly…

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