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My promise is to do the absolute best, to do a quality job at a reasonable price, not oversell and to treat the customer fairly and with respect.
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Master Mechanic Oakville
It is our pleasure to introduce you to our Oakville store's personalized website, which you have now entered. We hope that the information to follow will allow you to familiarize yourself with WHO we are, WHAT we do and HOW you can find us. We promise to do our utmost to deliver our professional service in a very personalized manner. We thank you for wanting to learn more about us and should you wish to know more of what we can do for you, please call us… we would be delighted to talk to you about the benefits of our program.
We strive to be the only auto repair and maintenance choice for each of our clients due to long term relationships which have been earned through consistent delivery of outstanding service quality in an environment which promotes trust, fairness and respect. Our store is independently owned and operated which means that we are providing a personalized service to our customers. It is this dedication that differentiates us from our competitors as we continually strive to deliver an outstanding customer experience to each one of our satisfied customers. We look forward to your visit. Stop by today!
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What people are saying about our service.

I just wanted to share a quick story that happened to my wife this past Friday afternoon. She was out shopping on her lunch brake when she called me all cold and shivering saying her car won't start. I work in Beamsville she works in Oakville. She asked a Good Samaritan to help, he gave the car a boast but still it would not start. So I left work early and tried to boast the car myself and the same thing, it wouldn’t start. The Good Samaritan just happened to be coming out of a store and my wife told me this was the man that had tried to help. I thanked him for his efforts and he told us there was a garage in the next outlet mall on the other side of the road. We got the car toed over, this was around 4:30 and the garage closes at 5:00. The owner got the car in right away, came out 10 minutes later and told us no big deal it was just a shorted wire and within an hour the car was fixed. The garage owned began to make up the invoice and asked me how much the toe truck company charged us. I told him $52.00 he then smiled and handed me the invoice that had a total of $0.00 and said Merry Christmas. I then insisted to pay him something for there efforts but he would not accept. There are still a lot of good honest people out there. They could of dinged us for a couple of hundred dollars, if they wanted and we would have never known. I just wanted to say thanks to Rich at Master Mechanic in Oakville. Merry Christmas my friend!
Craig & Marianne T
December, 2009
I just wanted to compliment Rick in your Oakville store for the great work he did. I brought my car in on an emergency repair and he looked after me... great people... and wanted to pass on my appreciation.
Mark J
August, 2007
Just a quick note on my satisfaction on not only our local Oakville MM but also Collingwood. We have come to trust our local store (Oakville) for their honest and quick service. When we had a car problem this summer in Collingwood, we were relieved to find a MM in the area. Their professionalism mirrored Oakville’s and between the two of them had us back on the road to continue our vacation.
Kevin & Brandy H
September, 2004